About us

A passion-driven company

FatCap originated from a media website that was founded in 1998 by photographer and designer Cedric Sadai. Driven by passion and excellence, FatCap expanded to focus on connecting thousands of artists worldwide. Commissioned to spearhead artistic projects for leading brands, such as Coca-Cola, helped FatCap gain traction into the global market.

By 2007, FatCap was working with numerous innovated brands to incorporate street-art in their packaging and architectural design. In 2011, FatCap agency partnered up with Anne-Laure Lemaitre, a street-art expert and Paris Beaux-Arts graduate, to manage our US-based operations.

Currently, our network of artists is unparalleled and our presence is global with over 1,000 artists.

Bespoke decor services

Our mission is to deliver detail-perfect projects to our clients, while pushing artists creativity and boldness. We offer bespoke decor services to brands and architects, featuring our leading expertise in art direction, worldwide talent curation, logistics (cranes, water-or- heat resistant paints and varnishes, cross-continent installations shipping), and legal protection (work visas for international artists, insurances, IP, copyrights).

FatCap is based in New York City and Paris, France. Get in touch with us now to talk about how we can make your next creative project even more eye-popping.